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Kateřina Skácelová


In my seventeen, painting has become an indispensable introspective and therapeutic method for me, that I develope purely intuitively without professional guidance. Pictures mostly arise without direct intervention of mind, so the process of creation is an adventure. I don't give the names to the paintings forcibly, only if they ask for it and if the name come naturally, this gives more space to painting to speak for itself and for each viewer individually.

My paintings evoke pure feelings, they are a means to express hidden emotions and processes of subconscious and superconscious. Colour is the dominating aspect of the painting and is the most complicated one, mostly accompanied by abstract forms with real elements (often trees , faces , eyes). This reflects the dialogue between the physical and spiritual world, which are in conflict, and the painting is their synthesis.

Indian poet Niraj Kumar, who chose one of my painting for the cover of his latest book of poetry, wrote about my paintings: „Tree holds the secret of existence & Katerina holds the key to mystery of Tree!“