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Ladies and gentleman,

It´s been exactly 2153 days since I had an idea. An idea about opening imaginary drawers of people that despite of adversity and general ,,bad mood“ didn´t forget how important is to perceive the beauty; beauty around us, beauty of life. People that just haven´t found enough courage to step forward and show themselves to the world, courage to open their ,,drawers“ full of amazing jewellery, clothing, paintings and miracles made of glass.

It went good and COD had the first exhibition...the train has started and it´s been a wonderfull ride. If you´d like to get into it, you are welcomed, if you´d like to shop,you have an opportunity, if you want to remember what ´s behind just push the button..., and if you like to plan, enjoy us here. We are looking forward to all of you.

In the name of C.O.D. team greets you Ivana Sutnarová